Happy Life Pet Shampoo & Conditioner 500ml

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Cleanse, disinfect, eliminate odors, and repel insects without worrying about harmful chemicals harming your pets! Happy Life’s Pet Home Cleanser is a 4-in-1 concentrated disinfectant, insect repellent, insecticide and deodorizer made with natural ingredients guaranteed to keep your spaces clean and safe for pets!


  • Made with:
    1. Neem, with antifungal, anti-viral, and antibacterial properties
    2. Madre de cacao, a natural anti-itch insect repellent
    3. Aloe Vera, a moisturizer to soothe dry and flaky skin
    4. Coconut oil, a natural anti-viral ingredient
    5. Lavender, with calming and anti-allergy properties
  • Soothes and heals burns
  • Keeps fur moisturized and smelling nice
  • Provides protection against ticks and fleas
  • Size: 500ml


In a basin of water, squeeze and mix the shampoo to make a soapy solution. Lather directly on your pet’s fur and then thoroughly rinse the soap off while avoiding their eyes and ears.

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